We have been getting quite a few questions about our coatings and how they perform and work.So we might as well make a post and hopefully we answer a lot of them here!

Why IGL Coatings?

For us to use these products on your vehicle, we have to be an authorized installer from IGL themselves.

IGL Coatings, While they are eco-friendly they strive for longevity and durability.

Us at Mission Clean, use premium products for your vehicle to ensure your vehicle is an investment that your willing to keep for a long time!


What are the different coatings, and what do they do?

Fabric coatings.

Ecocoat fabric, is a waterbased, zero VOC nanotechnology Super hydrophobic coating that protects textiles and leather against water, liquids, dirt and stains. It does not affect the look, texture, breath-ability or color and is easy to use.

Wheel Coatings.

Semi-permanent 9H Quartz coating, prevents adherence of brake dust and other contaminates, withstand extreme temperatures, gloss and shine.

Window Coatings.

A clear coating that chemically bonds with the glass, repels water, oil, dirt, reduces the need for wipers.

Trim Coatings.

Plastic impregnator, restores faded plastic, withstand extreme temps, repels dirt and water, applicable to plastic, bumpers, engine bay covers.

Headlight Coatings.

Semi-permanent 6H Quartz coating, prevents oxidation, yellowing, provide gloss and shine, repels water, oil, dirt.


Disclaimer: All coatings can last up to 12 months depending on use and how they are taken care of!


Q: Are the coatings Eco Friendly?
A: Yes they are!

Q: How does it protect my car?
A: Depending on the type of coating. Like our window coating it prevents water-spotting. and protects your windows from dirts, oils, and weather. Benefits are increased visibility in the rain, by making water slide right off, therefore less wear on wipers!

Q: What coatings can you guys do?
A: Wheels, paint, windows, headlights, fabric

Q: How long does it last?
A: It ranges: we have to fit every budget, from 1 year to 5 years. —-Right now we have a special on our quartz coatings for $499 applies 2- layers, up to 3 years protection also plus a free exterior wash a month for a year!

Q: Do i have to wash my car after this is applied?
A: Well yes you do but just a simple soap and water wash to get dirt off. Won’t need any wax! although the coatings will help things can still get stuck like dirt and bugs. and at high speeds you hit something like a bug its gonna stick till you spray them off.

Q: What products do you guys use?
A: We use some of the top of line products here we ensure longevity and durability for your vehicle.

We hope this helps some of you with anything your looking for and stuck on something.

please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. With any Comments Questions or Concerns. We respond to all Customers ASAP!